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What is the Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique pupil

The Alexander Technique helps you to identify and prevent the harmful habits of movement and being that may be the cause of stress and pain. You can unlearn the bad habits which have contributed to the stress and accumulated tension of the whole body.

The Alexander technique was discovered by Frederick Matthias Alexander, known as FM. It is a re-education of the physical body movements of the individual. And because of mind - body unity, this re-education results in the reawakening into pain free and effortless poise and grace, not only in body movement but also in a person's being. It positively affects the mental, emotional, spiritual dimensions of the pupil.

In a nutshell it could be described as a hands-on technique which makes you aware of habits - postural habits that can cause wear and tear. In another nutshell it can be described as returning to people the gift of choice. Would one like to continue re-acting to the same stressful stimuli causing detriment to mind, body and spirit, or could the same situation be dealt with in ease and effortlessness for which there is no mental or physical price to pay.

What happens during an Alexander Technique Lesson?

When you arrive for an Alexander Technique lesson it is good to give yourself a couple of minutes to change into comfortable trousers if you are in other clothing. I will be working with you on the table for part of the lesson. I will be moving your arms and legs drawing your attention to the areas of your body where you are holding unconscious tension. I will be asking you to notice these areas and you will be learning how to release this tension consciously. The first lesson can last up to an hour and subsequent lessons are 45 minutes.

My role is to lead people to a better understanding of their body and their body movement and showing them how to apply the technique in their daily life.

Please contact me to book a lesson.

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