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I came to the Alexander Technique because of a long standing problem with poor posture and consequent back discomfort. I found the Alexander Technique to be very enlightening and felt empowered as positive results became evident quite quickly. The sessions with Fiona were very relaxing and beneficial. Having only a superficial understanding of the Technique, each session was informative and therapeutic. Fiona was a very calm and sensitive instructor. Overall, the sessions were a positive learning experience. Thanks again Fiona for everything, I really enjoyed the experience.
Cáit, Headford

I have had many Alexander Technique lessons with Fiona. She has a lovely, gentle manner that instantly puts one at ease. The Technique has helped me become aware of my body, improved my posture, and allowed me to relieve tension. It has given me greater freedom of movement and taught me that I have a choice in how I react to stress, and after a lesson I am feeling calm, recharged and happier.
Shane, Galway

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