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Running - the easy way.

Alexander Technique pupil

My Running Story.

Early on in life I learned that running was not my forte. On a school sports day in the 70s I was gasping for breath as the gazelles were already well on to claim their winning place at the finish line. Then I remember training for rowing by doing laps around the college pitches and how I tried to look dignified as there were a few of the men rowers doing their own training. My lungs were collapsing again. That was enough running for me until last year, nearly 40 years later when my daughter took up running and I became encouraged. I did a running workshop with Malcolm Balk, a fellow Alexander Technique Teacher and passionate runner. Then I read an inspiring book, went out and ran 3 laps of my local GAA pitch efforlessly. I was flying and so happy and incredulous that I could indeed run!

I was qualified as an Alexander Technique Teacher a few years before that. It means that I help people find the easy way to do anything they want to - ethical, moral and legal that is. We all know about the hard way of doing things, which creates and builds up pain and tension in the body through habitual and unconscious ways of moving. When the hard way is recognised and let go of, the easy way naturally happens.

Having this rich background in efforless movement I am uniquely able to facilitate and teach workshops which explore running and running styles. The workshops and one to one sessions I offer are directed specifically at ways to increase enjoyment of running by lessening tension and most importantly, finding one's flow.

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