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"I've heard that the Alexander Technique can help me with pain."

Most people come to the technique to find a way of relieving chronic pain in their physical body. When they come to the Alexander Technique their body pain and tension gradually decreases over a course of lessons and they learn a better co-ordination of their musculoskeletal system. They go away from a series of lessons with lifelong skills for self care.

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The Hallmark of the Alexander Technique is a classic feeling of lightness. This comes from having the head balanced freely on the spine allowing optimum ease throughout the whole body system.

People never expect that they will feel happier, enjoy a more conscious life, sleep better. It seems incredible to believe that finally there is something that offers not just short term relief but long term. The British Medical Journal reported findings on the long term benefits for chronic low back pain patients. Some on the study group attended a doctor and had prescription exercise, some were given massage and some were given Alexander Technique lessons over a number of weeks. At the end of a year those who had Alexander Technique had significantly less pain days than the other groups. More details about these amazing findings can be found on the BMJ website.

"The Alexander Technique helped a long-standing back problem and to get a good nights sleep after many years of tossing and turning."

- Paul Newman, actor

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