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Meet Fiona Kelly

Fiona Little, Alexander Technique teacher

Native to Dublin but of Galway parents, I moved to the west of Ireland in 1991. I am a mother and a grandmother and now live in Carraroe, Co Galway. I love living in the Gaeltacht and learning mo chuid Gaeilge.

I have always chosen the holistic healing path for myself from my original wish to become a nurse as a leaving cert student to my studies in other therapies. The Alexander Technique has added another vital ingredient. As it became part of my life journey, it brought consciousness into my daily life with its natural compliments - pockets and deep moments of beauty and inner peace in the 'mundane'.

I have journeyed a lot and have had to delve into myself and coming out the other side I carry treasures of self-acceptance, consciousness and presence into my life and work. While working with people, I listen with my hands and can empower people to a greater connection with their body and how the harmful unconscious habits can be let go of. 'When you stop doing the wrong thing,' Alexander said, 'the right thing automatically happens.'

I am drawn to the unbeaten path from bringing my children camping overnight in Co Sligo cairns to parachute jumping and 'thriller' dancing outside my old ancestral home the Spanish Arch at Halloween. People call me 'creative' but I don't see myself that way despite being passionate about dance and drumming for varying lengths of time. I do like it however, when a story 'comes through' me when I'm with children.

Approximately 15 years ago I saw many different people from doctors to shiatsu practitioners to get relief from recurring neck and shoulder problems but I could not find any lasting help. I read about the Alexander Technique in a local paper and booked a session. I had finally found and understood the answer to my quest. It was the progressive accumulation of tension within me that caused my body to go on strike.

There were 2 people I'd swear by for years (and still do) - one was great for a quick temporary fix and reassurance. He was and is an excellent osteopath and the other was my Alexander Technique teacher who worked at helping me discover my physical habits of holding unnecessary tension which caused my neck and back to 'go'. It was inevitable that in time I would train to become a teacher and in due course graduated from the Alexander Technique Centre in Moycullen Co Galway in March 2012.

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This is the symbol for STAT, the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, of which I am a fully qualified member, having undergone the required three years' training. I am also a member of ISATT, the Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers.

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