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Alexander Technique in the Work Place

Maximising Potential for Excellence

Alexander Technique pupil
If backs could talk, they'd welcome the AlexanderTechnique for all and for all workplaces.

Alexander Technique in the Work Place

Symphonies require the best from their musicians, the acting and dance schools are the same. They employ Alexander Technique teachers as good business practice. In teaching the Technique to their members the potential for excellence is maximised. Why should businesses lose out? They do not! The business world is wide awake now to the value of the Alexander Technique for their employees and staff. They know rightly the human and financial cost to their business when they lose employees to illness and injury. They cannot afford to let money and human talent slip away. Each boss knows how much time is lost yearly in the company to employees taking time off for workrelated injuries.

The Benefits of Alexander Technique for Companies and Businesses:

Physical Benefits:

Relief of back pain
Improved postural coordination and balance
Reduction in physical pain due to work related causes and other
Promotion of long term health

Psychological Benefits:

Stress management
Improvement in public speaking
Improvement in creativity
Improvement in team work
Improvement in self-esteem
Communicating more effectively
Raising Workplace Morale
Improvement in Posture
Looking and Feeling Better, Younger and more Confident

Business Benefits:

Reduced absenteeism
Improvement in productivity
Reduced work hours lost to illness
Reduced accidents
Reduced employment insurance cost
Improved work performance

What is on offer:

One to one sessions with employees/staff in work place each lasting half an hour. A room with some space for a table (massage type), a desk, 2 chairs and some daylight is all that is needed. Companies in Ireland which have benefitted from offering Alexander Technique to their employees include Bank of Ireland, IDA, Intel Ireland, NUIG and Limerick University amongst others. Please check out the compelling and recent research demonstrating the benefit to business published in 2014 issue 3 of Back Talk. Follow the link: Back Talk

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